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Drinks in separate packaging

Without preservatives or pasteurization. Sugar and "E"-marked food additives are not used in principle..

Savinskiy's flegmator - is a unique instrument for naturalization alcohol alcoholic beverages. Patented Nanotechnology ideal crystalline form of ethanol molecules in the gas phase hasn't analogues. The process occurs at temperatures above 104 C in a thin extruded string of food copper, filled with gold-plated 24-carat gold head. Multiple phase transitions of alcohol and drink water at the "plates" column flegmatora provide education on the molecules of ethanol complete hydration shell characteristic nerektifikovanogo alcohol in nature. This achieves a uniform distribution over all its volume beverage accessory ingredients. Therefore nano-bland softens spirits much better than any of his long-term exposure, and most importantly - flegmator reduces the harmful effects of alcohol on the human body. According to UNESCO, the peoples who profess the culture of consumption of rectified alcohol as vodka, blended whiskey and others have a shorter life span of 12 years.

More information in the publications:

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